Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Coping with Top and Sub Drop: A Safety Kit!

This link is written by Mistress Adobe.  None of it is my work.  It is too important not to include, here.

The topic of depressive states that arrive sometimes after play is generally called 'sub drop' in the BDSM community.  Actually, play can be intense on either side of a scene, and tops can get it too.  There is, as of this posting, no quality academic research describing and defining this state despite the fact that it is widely recognized in the communities.  It is one of many excellent reasons that seasoned participants carefully include planned aftercare in their scenes.

But the best laid schemes 'gang aft agley,' as Robert Burns famously said , and sometimes the circumstances of play do not afford optimal aftercare.  Kinksters and their therapists should know about tools like this to include in players' personal safety kits.

A field mouse, whose best laid plans are all too fragile.

Thank you, Mistress Adobe!

Sub Drop Safety Kit by Mistress adobe

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